Monday, November 12, 2012

The Swiss Orange Project: It's a STORY not a Book

OTTAWA – Fiction lovers rejoice! The Swiss Orange Project is old-time story-telling with a futuristic twist. Published by A Day of Imagination Publishing Corporation, The Swiss Orange Project Book 1: Celladore was introduced today as the first release of the 12 book series. 
Author Stephen Demone made the following statement through his manager The Face: 
"The Swiss Orange Project is a modern fantasy set in a world just like ours. The struggle of its people echoes our own struggle to understand our humanity and our place in the world." 

The Swiss Orange Project Book 1: Celladore is the first leg of a new adventure in a rich world full of wonder and mystery. The pages (both digital and print) are alive with colour in words and images, fully illustrated, and also companioned by a full dramatic reading that further enriches the experience, and charms the imagination. 

Whimsical  and unusual, meant for serious lovers of storytelling and imagination. The Swiss Orange Project is make-believe made to make you believe – and you will. 

The Swiss Orange Project Book 1: Celladore  and Book 2: The Egg are available for sale in print and digital format directly at

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