Sunday, November 11, 2012

A(nother) New Publisher? A Day of Imagination Publishing Corporation is Just That: The New Publisher, The Publisher of the New Age

OTTAWA – A Day of Imagination Publishing Corporation started business today with the announcement of its first release, The Swiss Orange Project Book 1: Celladore.

Chief Business Operator Stephen Demone had the following statement:

“A Day of Imagination is all that is needed to change a dull and repetitive landscape. Our world is not dull and repetitive. Business cannot be either if it is to be successful. A new publisher such as A Day of Imagination will face great challenges. Our business model will guide us towards our ultimate goal of creating a rich new publishing house that trains its artists to self-promote and adopt an entrepreneurial spirit in the writing and delivery of their works. To help our artists not only become published but to help them grow into complete individuals, capable, able to apply their creative skills to any situation or challenge and to utilize all tools and resources at their disposal to create the necessary conditions for success.”

            The first release by A Day of Imagination Publishing Corporation is now available for sale online through the company’s website ( or directly at The Swiss Orange Project comprises 12 books of which A Day of Imagination has signed on to publish all 12 with Book 2 pending publication and set for release in 2013.

            For more information on A Day of Imagination Publishing Corporation please visit or email

Advertising piece for The Swiss Orange Project, Published by A Day of Imagination Corporation.
Available for sale at
Published in Canada.

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