Wednesday, February 11, 2015

The Swiss Orange Project

The Swiss Orange Project is now available in e-book and print formats in a grand collection that completes the first section of the 12 book series:

Audiobook via Soundcloud.
Audio/visual companion via Youtube.

Creatureform fables take place on the earth of Kaia, a planet like ours many manies away, and probably a long time ago.

These are the people who could turn into animals. This is their story in their darkest hour and their greatest legend.

This Omnibus collects Books 1-6. The Swiss Orange Project is a 10 book series. Individual copies of Books 1-6 are available on as well as on GoodReads and (where you can obtain free digital copies).

Book 1: Celladore
Book 2: The Egg
Book 3: The Man of Flames
Book 4: The Smoke
Book 5: What to do with the Fakes
Book 6: Spirits and Limits

Available on: GooglePlay Books, Amazon, and Apple iBook

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